Many people did, and feeling uncomfortable have withdrawn themselves from the area. This is a big miss out, as if not being able to enjoy the music or literature of your own time.

Please come and let me challenge this difficult issue. I guarantee, that you will gain a new level of insight in the field of arts, a lot of knowledge and ability to analyse and criticise, and most of all a confidence in your own judgements.


Art builds imagination, aids in self recognition and understanding of others. it could benefit any area of your life, from professional abilities to personal skills.

Art is the only area where not the volume in statistics, but the individual experience is valued. Your voice counts, it is important how you see it.

It would not be necessery for any lengthy study of art history, but I will be presenting and explaining the major

art movements.


We are meeting in a vibrant, friendly atmosphere with like-minded people.

It is free to attend, fun and inspiring!


Learn about art

Have you ever been confused about modern art, or maybe even embarrassed about your lack of understanding of the idea worth several millions of pounds?