1. The process starts with a meeting with the client to discuss the likely setting for the portrait sculpture, such as a home interior, or perhaps an outdoor garden. The size of the portrait sculpture needs to fit in with its surroundings. A life-size portrait sculpture is normal for a home interior but  larger-than-life size may be better suited in other locations. Measurements of the client and a series of photographs are taken.


2. Work starts with the preparation of a terracotta clay model for the first sitting session. The sitting session can be carried out at an address suitable to the client or at my studio in West London.

For optimal results, the terracotta model is ideally modelled from life. However this is frequently not possible owing to the international nature of enquiries In such cases I can work solely from photographs if they have been taken from a variety of angles. I need as much photographic information as possible together with some idea of dimensions or actual measurements if available.


3. The sitting time takes on average 6 hours. This time usually breaks down into about 3 two-hour sessions that are themselves divided into periods of sitting and of rest. Clients are encouraged to discuss the work in progress and make suggestions or requests. Sometimes the work is finished at this point sometimes I will require a fourth or even a fifth sitting. The terracotta model is then finished to the client’s satisfaction. This is largely played out until we (the "subject" and I) are both satisfied that we have the likeness and the mood and ultimately have arrived at the fine art piece you have commissioned me to create for you.


4. The process of turning the terracotta model into finished cast then begins. For a bronze sculpture  a negative silicon rubber mould is first made of the terracotta model. Next, a hollow wax positive is cast from this mould. This positive wax cast is then worked by the artist to make good any imperfections.


5. A hollow heat resistant shell is then made from the positive wax cast. This hard shell, set in sand, is then ready to receive the high temperature (1,300 degree C) liquid bronze from the crucible.


6.After cooling, the bronze is then worked on to make good any imperfections and to measure the piece for a suitable base (polished granite or other) of the client’s choosing.


7.The finished portrait sculpture is coloured (patination process) with metal oxides in accordance with the client’s wishes, to suit the location where the sculpture will be placed. I will also supervise the patination process in the foundry and mount the sculpture portrait onto a base if appropriate. It is then waxed and polished to slow down the natural oxidizing process or left natural.




Payment for the portrait sculpture is requested in three stages:

1.When the work is first commissioned 20%

2.When the terracotta model is finished to the client’s satisfaction, 50% and

3.When the finished work is ready for delivery or collection. 30%

Each stage approval will be by emailed pictures or by personal visit, whichever is preferred or more convenient.


My Guarantee. Quality and value are assured,

for peace of mind satisfaction is guaranteed, over and above a 20% deposit payable at the start of any commission, you will not be asked to pay any more unless you are 100% satisfied at the completion of each stage.


I welcome enquiries for bespoke sculpture from the Public, Commercial and Private Sectors.



The main materials that your final piece could be cast in are bronze, bronze resin, stone resin, wax or plaster. The cost would vary according to the complexity of work and finishing materials, whether the portrait consists of full head and neck only or full head, neck and shoulders, whether the sculpture portrait is for a home (private residence) or for a public display.

As a rough indication, It could be from £100 for a relief or small scale work,  from / between £400 – 4000 for a life-size portrait or bust. This does not include travel expenses (which may be minimal or none), the base of the sculpture (can be slate, marble, wood, bronze or none to suit the sculpture), or costs of shipping the bronze to you when cast. In addition to the bronze, you may also decide to purchase the original clay fired into terra cotta.


In the first instance, please contact me for discussion and advise on all aspects of the production process from size and time-scale to finishing, delivery and installation.



You confirm the commission in writing by e-mail or mail and send an initial payment - usually 20% of the total amount I have quoted.



Quality and value are assured, for peace of mind and satisfaction is guaranteed, over and above a 20% deposit payable at the start of any commission, you will not be asked to pay any more unless you are 100% satisfied at the completion of each stage.