Portrait sculpture is in its very essence ancient and yet contemporary. The earliest known portrait sculptures were discovered in Ancient Egypt and have crossed the millennia to the present time.

Portrait sculpture allows you to experience a subject's likeness in three dimensional space very much as you do in real life. Each portrait is unique and captures not only an extremely accurate rendering, but allows you to experience the very soul of the subject themselves. Whether it be a tribute to an outstanding individual, a cherished loved one, a member of the corporate community or to adorn any space and structure, it is the perfect choice!


I am an Academy of Fine Arts graduate with professional expertise and extensive experience in art commissions. I work in most mediums, and my sculptures are reproduced in bronze, resins, ceramic, and stone based materials, whilst the sketches and paintings are in oils, watercolour, acrylic, pastels, conté and charcoal. I offer a complete service from design, through creation of original 3-D artwork, mould making and reproduction in a range of resin finishes.

I welcome enquiries for bespoke sculptures and paintings from private individuals as well as from corporate clients and public bodies.


If you know what you are looking for call or email me for a no obligation discussion about your requirements. If you are unsure how to proceed please read on:


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