The Ultimate Gift

I hope to leave no one behind who wants original art for a very valuable and quality gift. I would like to offer a creation of truly personalized unique custom art or portraiture.

I am focused on impeccable quality, and first class customer service.

I am an Academy of Fine Arts graduate with professional expertise and extensive experience in art commissions.


It makes gift giving simple and fun!

Look at the contemporary style of :Digital art and portraits on my website


You Give them Something to Open. I shall do Everything Else.

Make it fun, and effortless, when you order my art as a gift. I will send you a slender,  presentation box wrapped with a distinctive sleeve along with a gift card, information

and everything else they need to know about how to chose a perfect custom made portrait or art piece. For maximum flexibility you can also order gift certificates.


Solution Benefits

-100% satisfaction guarantee - if they don't love it you get all your money  back

 -No need to try to guess what colour the person wants- they can chose after  they receive the gift.

-No expiry date You give them the Gift Card or Gift Certificate- I shall take care of the rest!



Contact me to discuss your ideas, or let me suggest the perfect gift solution for your loved ones, or maybe for yourself ?







The cost would vary according to the complexity of work and finishing materials. As a rough guide, It could be:

from £290 for a relief or small scale sculpture,  

from / between £500 – £4000 for a life-size portrait or bust

£90 for a drawing, £90 painting on paper, from £200 for oil painted canvas,

from £200 for small oil portrait (A3 size), from £300 for any larger portrait formats.


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